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Who is Grégoire Villermaux ?

Grégoire Villermaux was born in Lyon, France, in 1976. He attented the National Applied school of Art (Olivier de Serres, Paris) and then Emile Cohl School in Lyon.


Known for his strong ability to adapthis style in many french TV animations production he bounces from a place to another. His clients include : Vivendi Universal Publishing, Futurikon , Method film and Ankama. He travels a lot, doing many sketchbooks.

Sketchtravel contribution #39

Grégoire has always been a huge fan of John Howe's work. He was under a lot of pression when he drew since he knew he was going to bring the sketchbook to John Howe himself afterwards. His pencil-drawing represents himself, carrying the Sketchtravel book, and the shadow of a dragon surrounding him.