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Who is Nash Dunnigan ?

Nash Dunnigan made his way to art school in 1987, to the moderately sized  city of Richmond, Virginia, only to be prematurely ejected after four years and a BFA diploma in 1991.


In 2003, life began again : a studio named Blue Sky took him in as a “Layout Artist.” Here, he grew up among art-giants, practiced the art of cinematography on wonderous moving pictures like ICE AGE 2 and ROBOTS, and he is now art directing Ice Age 4. They even let him be in their super-cool art book, Out of Picture 1 and 2.

Sketchtravel contribution #14

Nash drew a child discovering the Sketchtravel sketchbook in Central Park, because he felt this would be a magical moment. We can see the influence of Franquin in his delicate and poetic drawing.