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Who is Véronique Joffre ?

Véronique Joffre was born in 1982 in the Gers, not too far from Agen, in France. She attended the Ecole Estienne in Paris, and then the section Illustration in the Arts Décoratifs School of Strasbourg where she graduated in 2006.


Véronique illustrates children's books with a very special technique : she paints large sheets of paper, then cut them and glue them to form drawings. She illustrated stories from great writers or classics such as the Odysseum, and plans to write her own stories in a near future. She participated to the Totoro Forest Project. She lives in London with her partner Sylvain Marc who is also part of the Sketchtravel adventure.

Sketchtravel contribution #50

Veronique's piece covers 2 pages, and communicates through a hole in the paper, with her partner Sylvain's drawing. Her drawing is a collage, very colourful, tender and expressive.